Social Cosmos

Vol 5, No 1 (2014): Social Sciences: Looking Back, Moving Forward

Table of Contents


Editorial note: Looking back, moving forward  PDF
Lyke A. de Raat, Tom Pelle, Arne A. A. van den End, Jette A. Westerbeek 1


History of psychiatry in the United States and Northern Europe since the nineteenth century Abstract  PDF
Isabelle I. C. De Vink 2-7
The history of quantification and objectivity in the social sciences Abstract  PDF
Eline N. Van Basten 8-14
The Milgram experiment: Its impact and interpretation Abstract  PDF
Soesja R. Vogels 15-21
The Demarcation of Parapsychology: History, Controversies and Future Prospects Abstract  PDF
Robin R. H. Willemsen 22-28
The turbulent evolution of homosexuality: From mental illness to sexual preference Abstract  PDF
Iris Zijlstra 29-35
The influence of Ariès’ discovery of childhood on the historical pedagogics Abstract  PDF
Marissa Zweedijk 36-40
The culture and personality school: A questionable contribution to anthropological theory Abstract  PDF
Rozemijn Aalpoel, Femke Van der Heide 41-49
Visual deception: The historical connection between illusions and hallucinations from a Gestalt theoretical and cognitive neuroscience perspective Abstract  PDF
Jutta R. De Jong 50-57
It takes a village to raise a child Abstract  PDF
Lyke A. De Raat 58-63
Informed consent in research and practice involving human subjects: History, theory and problems concerning contemporary practice Abstract  PDF
Arne A. A. Van den End, Tom Pelle 64-73
Bandura’s Bobo doll experiment and violence in the media. Abstract  PDF
Emma Everaert 74-80
Engaged Anthropology in an Era of Security Abstract  PDF
Isabel Koopmanschap 81-88
How reification of DSM labels influences our identity Abstract  PDF
Wouter Korteling 89-94
On the influence of knowledge societies on the internal structure, content and purpose of current academic education Abstract  PDF
Marije Van Braak 95-101
The influence of the pharmacological industry on trends in the diagnosis and treatment of ADHD Abstract  PDF
Irina I. C. Van Dijk 102-109
The development of social science research methods influenced by social media Abstract  PDF
Lieke A. C. Hesen 110-116
What is analytical sociology? And is it the future of sociology? Abstract  PDF
Twan Huijsmans 117-122
Past, present and future influences of functional magnetic resonance imaging on the development of psychology: A review of the literature Abstract  PDF
Evie E. C. Izeboud 123-129
Can applied sociology be useful? An examination of different viewpoints Abstract  PDF
Kasper K. D. Otten 130-135

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